“Your Easy Way Out” Review & Testimonial

As an infopreneur/affiliate marketer, you have to expand your business. I keep an eye out on amazing affiliate marketers and learn from them.

Mike From Maine is one such internet marketer who I have been following for a couple of months now. He did not sell any training or courses but provided free training on how he makes $500 from simple YouTube videos.

Recently, Mike Thomas (Mike From Maine) has partnered with Brett Rutecky and they have created a six-week course on how to make money on the internet without using a website, blog postspaid ads, email lists, backlinks, SEO, and product creation.

Sounds too good to be true?

That’s what I initially felt, but because I knew and trusted Mike From Maine from his website and YouTube videos, I gave it a chance. You can watch his and Brett’s webinar here:

https://digital-affiliate.com/yewo (affiliate link)

By clicking on that link, Mike and Brett will tell you the exact system of what they have been doing successfully for years:

Creating YouTube videos about internet marketing software/courses.

In fact, watch the webinar and you should be ready to go with what they teach you. In fact, I will tell you what they share in that webinar:

  1. Find internet marketing software/courses to sell from muncheye.com
  2. Find a software/course to promote
  3. Click on the JV Page link
  4. Download a Demo Video
  5. Customize the video to make it unique (since you can’t just upload the demo video to YouTube)

At this point, you now have a unique video that you can upload to YouTube and it only took you less than 10 minutes from start to finish.

The #6th step is the most powerful piece of the puzzle, that even internet marketing beginners can make affiliate sales once they know it:

Extra Bonuses that you offer people who purchase through your affiliate link.

Mike and Brett talk about the power of the “extra bonuses” on their webinar, and you should definitely listen to it.

They discuss the difference between a million-dollar affiliate versus an affiliate that never makes a single cent in commissions.

However, this is the part where Mike and Brett stop.

They have left a little of the “secret sauce” as it is money-making, life-changing information that they have spent years perfecting, and they don’t want to give it away (understandably) for free.

Check out the webinar if you are further intrigued:

https://digital-affiliate.com/yewo (affiliate link)

No one can ever guarantee anyone’s success, however, they’re so confident that this program will work for anyone committed that they are putting THEIR MONEY on the line!

If you take action on this course. Follow the program, attend the training calls, and do your assignments, but still do not make any affiliate sales… They will refund 100% of your investment, and send you an EXTRA $500 for your trouble!

Now that is an insane and unheard-of Money Back Guarantee.

Yes, I am a student of Mike and Brett’s “Your Easy Way Out.” Here is my testimonial and brief review:

I will be documenting and doing a case study of my work in this six-week course. I’m telling you right now that it is very simple.

Mike and Brett really know what they’re teaching. You just have to follow exactly what they’re telling you to do.

As I’m an “intermediate” internet marketer, there were things that I wanted to do, but I have put my trust in these million-dollar affiliate marketers.


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“Your Easy Way Out” Course (by Mike From Maine & Brett Rutecky):

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