What Is The Definition Of Content Creation?

Everyone consumes content. And those who create content enjoy providing content to their hungry consumers. But are you doing proper keyword research?

The definition of content creation is simply “content for your niche.”

Small businesses and big businesses create content to educate their customers about their products, services, and niche.

What niche?

In your quest to find your profitable product, you have to be extremely focused on your niche.

Let us use me as an example. Instead of a very general niche of

“infopreneur” or
“content writer” or
“blog writer” or
“online writer,”

…I have to be extremely specific.

In this case, I focused on “making money online as a content writer and affiliate.”

As you can see, that is very specific.

How did I know this? Well, I used a keyword search tool called Jaaxy that comes INCLUDED when you join Wealthy Affiliate (which I am a Premium member of). The included Enterprise Jaaxy keyword search tool alone is worth the price of admission.

Below is just a small part of my keyword search results for “content creator” (remember, I did multiple search results for content writer, online writer, blog writer, website writer, etc.):

Jaaxy Keyword Results

Do you notice something about the search results? You can EVEN create content from such keyword results/titles!

Other than that amazing bonus, I use these keywords to build my content about “making money online as a content writer and affiliate.”

More than likely, you found this blog because you had searched for any of the keywords that I found in Jaaxy which I then incorporated in this blog.

The title of the blog is “what is the definition of content creation”? I found those keywords for “content creation” here:

Jaaxy Keyword Results Content Creation

So I then created a blog post with the title “definition of content marketing” as well as include it in the first few paragraphs. It also helps that I have mentioned it a few times in the post itself.

The rule of thumb when reading the results is the following:

  1. The keyword must make sense (grammatically sound)
  2. It’s receiving over 30 Avg (of searches)
  3. QSR (Quoted Search Results) is under 100 (number of competed websites ranked in Google for this exact keyword)

So according to the results, I have a good chance to be ranked successfully by Google by using “definition of content marketing” in a blog post and its blog title.

You can test out Jaaxy below. Or you can sign up to get 30 free searches here.

And with that, you have also learned about SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

This post is going to be extremely short because once you know the foundation of how your content creation is indexed by the search engines, you will know exactly what to write and create for your readers/customers.

Remember, you are creating content that will help people with their problems. You will solve THEIR problems with your expert knowledge of your niche.

Are you having trouble with content creation and you REALLY want to talk about your niche (and that you have proven it to be profitable)?

Here are free resources that will help you crank up your juices. They’re guaranteed to give you at least 1 year’s worth of content creation (if not even more)!

Happy Content Creating!

To Your Infopreneurial Success…
Will Coronel

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