Wealthy Affiliate

The internet is filled with promises to make you wealthy.

Maybe a few hundred dollars a month or even thousands a month.

You know it’s true because there are people out there making money while working from home.

The problem is that every guru’s systems you find are always different from one another.

You end up getting confused from what they’re teaching so you either give up or move on to another guru’s system.

The thing is, I believe that their systems do work. The problems that arise are these:

  • Cost: high expenses to start with, specifically getting involved with advertising
  • Time: most of the training you receive is 90% of the guru’s life story from rags to riches and even multiple failures
  • Education: it’s not easy to follow and you will wait for days for any assistance
  • Support: it’s just you and pre-recorded videos teaching you the system
  • Community: or lack thereof; yes, they might have Facebook groups, but they’re mostly promoting their new products

I know this because I have tried many work-from-home systems. From the $4.99 ebooks to the $997 courses, I found myself failing because of a lack of 1 or more of those 5 components that constitute a great educational course.

Distracted Boyfriend Meme - Shiny Object Syndrome

I find myself a sharp guy. But unfortunately, I also suffer from Shiny Object Syndrome. It means that once I have purchased a system and go through it briefly, I tend to jump to the next “shiny” thing.

So add that problem to the mix and I become the IDEAL customer for these work-from-home gurus:

I will constantly buy their products because I will always want the latest and greatest. I won’t act on them, but hoard them as they collect digital dust in my hard drive.

I’m their DREAM customer.

But I have learned something positive from this. I have learned to stop searching for the next new thing and focus on a system that is:

  • Inexpensive
  • Not Time-Consuming
  • Easy-to-Follow
  • Excellent with Support
  • Supportive with a Community of Entrepreneurial Experts and Beginners

This place is called Wealthy Affiliate. And it’s a place that I wished that I had found sooner.

I will tell you right now about their system. There is nothing to hide…

  1. Build a niche website
  2. Create helpful, relevant content
  3. Get Rankings & Traffic
  4. Monetize your niche website (many ways, such as selling your own infoproduct or promoting as an affiliate)

I am sharing this with you so that you can find out right now whether this is something you can do. If it’s something you have time to do. And something you can invest your valuable time and effort in.

I was not ready with Wealthy Affiliate many months ago as I was too busy with the other systems. Thankfully I was finally prepared for it on April 14th of 2021.

This is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme. Just like any worthwhile endeavor, there will be growing pains. But I promise such growing pains are not “painful” at all. In fact you will enjoy what you will learn and you will become an internet marketer guru yourself in no time.

But once you pass the initial learning part, all you need to do is to continue building your blog(s)/website(s).

That’s it.

Just give it a shot. See if it’s something you are able to squeeze into your busy life.

Wealthy Affiliate Premium $19 For First Month


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Wealthy Affiliate