Vidnami Step-By-Step Tutorial For Beginners To Make You Instant Experts

Vidnami is one of the best video-making and editing programs for people who are inexperienced with making videos.

Vidnami uses artificial intelligence to automatically create professional videos for your business, blog, social media posts, YouTube videos, or whatever you want. It takes care of all the hard work and gives you a polished, high-quality video within minutes. It uses a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface where you just pick a video template, add your script, then let Vidnami do the rest.

Basics [00:36]

  • Make sure you are in MY VIDEOS.
  • Click on “Create a new video” green button
  • “Content Video” is the most common type of video
    • Default Selection is “All Formats”
    • You can filter the types of videos by
      • Landscape (16:9)
      • Square
      • Vertical (9:16)
    • As a beginner, we will focus on “Content Video”
      • “Presenter Video,” “Sales Video,” and “Course/Training Video” are similar to “Content Video”
        • All 3 only shows “Landscape (16:9)” types of Videos
        • So whether you want to do a Presenter, Sales, or Course/Training Video, you can pick any of these 3 templates.
        • Some of the templates are similar
          • But the benefit of these different type of videos is helping you figure out what kind of video you are making
          • And the second amazing benefit is that you can watch ideas on how to create your “content,” “presenter,” “sales,” or “course/training” video
            • For example, for a Content Video, here is a “listicle” (a list video for your content)

Content Video - Listicle

            • For a Presenter Video, here’s a video about presenting the best mic to use with a smartphone

            • For a Sales Video, here’s a veterinary sales video

Sales Video - Veterinary Sales

            • And, finally, for a Course/Training video, here’s a video series about nutrition

Course-Training Video - Nutrition Series

    • “Instant Ad” are all Square videos
      • Here’s a “Black Friday” template

Instant Ad - Black Friday

    • “Property Video” is specifically for Real Estate Agents
      • Here’s a property listing video

Property Video - Real Estate

    • Finally your Custom Templates show up here

Vidnami - Custom Template

    • This is my favorite as you have full control over the following
        • Background Color
        • Font Style
        • Normal Text Color
        • Normal Text Weight
        • Highlight Text Color
        • Highlight Text Weight
        • Splitting Algorithm
          • Automatically fit text to layout
          • One scene per sentence
          • One scene per paragraph
          • One scene per phrase
        • Bold key words for me
        • Select video clips for me
        • Select images for me
        • Select layouts for me
        • Add motion to images for me
        • Add scene transitions for me
        • Link scenes for me
        • Animate text for me

Picking A Template [04:18 ]

  • I highly suggest creating custom templates, especially if you have a brand with specific colors
    • To do this, just pick Any Template (that somewhat has your colors or close to them)
    • Then click on “Customise this template”
    • I suggest picking the accurate Hex Color that you want
  • Regardless of the template you pick, you have a good variety of fonts, font color, and background font color
    • In this demo, we are picking the “Viral Blue” template.
      • It’s a personal preference because the text is not on top of a background color.
      • The background color on text tend to block the video/image
        • Unless you pick a semi-translucent background
      • Again, you can customize the template if you want
      • Click on “Use This Template”

Typing Or Copying & Pasting Your Script [05:50 ]

  • This is where you type or copy & paste your script
    • Make sure you have a compelling script
  • I used another A.I. program called who created the following script (with my minor adjustment):

Have you ever wanted to make a video but didn’t have the time or resources?

Vidnami is an artificial intelligence that automatically creates professional videos for you. It takes care of all the hard work and gives you a polished, high-quality video in just minutes. You can use it to create videos for your business, blog, social media posts, or anything else!

Vidnami will take care of everything so you don’t have to worry about editing. All you need is a script — then let Vidnami do its magic! You’ll be able to focus on what matters most — your message. And with Vidnami’s easy drag-and-drop interface, making videos has never been easier. Vidnami’s here for anyone who wants their ideas communicated professionally without having to spend hours doing it themselves.

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    • Plan ahead on how you want your text to show per scene.
    • Put a period at the end of every word or sentence (especially if you’re going to use the A.I. voice)
    • You can make minor changes to your script within the scenes in the Main Window Work Area
    • You will get the following Warning when updating the Script after choosing your scenes:
      • Warning. Making changes to the script now may impact your scene formatting or require you to re-record some audio. For small changes we recommend you make updates directly to the scenes.

Choosing Your Scenes [08:15]

  • Vidnami automatically selects video clips based on keywords on your sentence, phrase, or paragraph

Vidnami - Scenes Media

  • Media
    • Find Media
      • Clips
      • Images
    • Uploads
      • Clips
      • Images
  • Layouts
    • It’s just a note that you can change text position in your scenes
  • Style
    • Another opportunity to change the “Style Options” and “Video Rendering Options”

Vidnami - Scenes Style

      • Update Template
      • Save as New Template
      • Undo Changes
  • Vidnami’s Main Window Work Area

Vidnami - Main Window 1

    • Bold
    • Italics
    • Underline
    • Hide Text
    • Hide Media
    • Change Text Position
    • Adjust Background
    • Insert Scene Break
      • You must have your cursor somewhere on the text
      • This is to separate a sentence or phrase and move it to the next scene
    • Link to previous scene using the same media, layout, and motion
  • Images have an additional option: Motion

Vidnami - Main Window Images

    • None
    • Zoom In
    • Zoom Out
  • Add New Scene, Add Video Clip, Transitions, Merge Scenes

Vidnami - Main Window - Add Video and Transitions

    • Add New Scene
    • Add Video Clip
    • Transition: Fade
      • Fade is the Default Transition
      • Total of 52 Transition Effects

Vidnami - Main Window - Transition Effects

    • Merge Scenes

Music & Voice Tracks [17:59]

  • 4 Options
    • No voice track (Music only)
    • Auto-voice
    • Record your own voice track
    • Upload a voice track
  • PRO-TIP: Upload a voice track and Record your own voice track is highly recommended
  • PRO-TIP: Auto-voice if you want to use a professional A.I. voice
  • No voice track (Music only): only recommended for Ads and extremely short videos

Previewing Your Video [18:57]

      • If the voice (more than likely your uploaded voice track) is a bit off
        • Click on “Manually Adjust Timing”

Vidnami - Manually Adjust Timing

        • Adjust the slider of the end of the first video and the start of the next video
          • PRO-TIP: Slide it to the middle where there is silence
      • You can also add Background Music

Vidnami - Background Music

        • You can select from 30,000 Royalty-Free music tracks
        • You can filter
          • Mood
          • Genre
        • You can upload your own music
          • Just make sure you have right to the music you’re uploading

Vidnami - Own Music

      • You can add a Watermark

Vidnami - Watermark

        • Recommended to put it on the top-left or top-right
      • Options

Vidnami - Options

        • Music Volume
        • Voice Track Volume
        • Voice Track Speed
      • Once everything looks good, click on “Looks Good, Continue…”

Downloading Your Video [23:16]

Vidnami - Download

  • If your video is longer than 10 minutes, keep the resolution at 720p
  • If it’s shorter than 10 minutes, change the resolution to

Vidnami - Resolutions

  • But it’s your choice
  • Attribution for Images Creative Commons License

Vidnami - Creative Commons License

Conclusion [23:50]

As you can see, Vidnami is truly easy to use and not only does it make video editing fun, you can focus on your message. You also have options when it comes to voiceovers and their A.I. voices are very realistic.

So there you have it. That is everything you need to know on how to use Vidnami. I hope that you found some value in this tutorial.

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