Top Writing Habits For Content Creation Success

Is your biggest enemy the blank page? Writing is not a talent, but a skill that you can easily learn by following successful habits.

Okay, so you are determined, patient, and will be consistent with your content creation endeavor.

But what about “Writer’s Block”?

Writers Block

Here’s a writer’s secret.

There is NO such thing as writer’s block.

Do you suddenly get “driver’s block” while you’re driving 75 mph on the freeway?

Do you suddenly get “eater’s block” while at the buffet?

Do you suddenly get “walker’s block” while crossing a busy intersection?

But, Will, those are different from “writer’s block” as it involves “creation”…

I will say that you are somewhat right. But here is the most important thing:

If you are passionate about something, you will not run out of things to discuss.

That’s why it is crucial that you pick a topic — a niche — that is profitable.

We will be talking about niches later, but for now, we will discuss writing habits that will help you on your journey to infopreneurial success…


Write. Every. Day.

Are you serious about becoming an infopreneur? A content creator? An information entrepreneur? A digital writer? An online writer? A blogger? A podcaster? A YouTube vlogger?

And more importantly, an infotainer?

Some people do well speaking on the fly, and that’s probably why you don’t need to practice this.

But for the rest of every content creator, you need to write every day.


Writing is a muscle. The more you do it, the better you get at it.

Just like the more you drive, the better you get at it.

But if you don’t have enough time, just put in 10 minutes a day, or even 5 minutes a day if you have a busy lifestyle.

This is a commitment to yourself.

If it sounds impossible, it truly is not.

You just need to make “sacrifices.” Such as not watching Netflix. Or playing games on your smartphone. Or daydreaming on the couch while playing on your smartphone and Netflix playing in the background. 😉

Of course, everyone is different. There are certain schedules when you can write because of family and work responsibilities. Also, some people are “creative” (it just means that you’re able to write) during the daytime, while others are creative at night.

Starting might seem hard, but once you’ve completed your first 100 words, you will feel proud of what you’ve achieved.

You just need to push yourself harder to continue.

Yes, this is like working out at the gym.

But this is a heck of a lot easier. Because you can do this ANYWHERE.

You can do this at home (on your computer, a notebook, or even through a smartphone app). You can do this while you’re out and about (I would suggest carrying a small notepad or use a smartphone app).

The thing is, you actually have time to write down your ideas. This leads me to…


Constantly Brainstorming

When you’re writing, you don’t actually have a full outline of your writing.

What you’re doing mostly is “brainstorming.”

When you brainstorm, it helps you form your ideas.

Not only that, you will find that you are also creating different topics.

And with the different topics, you will eventually create separate writeups for them.

But in the meantime, by brainstorming, you are making sure that you are NOT running out of ideas.

Make brainstorming a part of your writing routine. You will find it to be integral to your “writing process.”

This is important as you are constantly fueling yourself with content. This leads me to…


Read. Read. Read… And Did I Mention, Read?

Especially reading about your niche. Your profitable idea.

Read about it on the web. Most of the information is free. But remember why you are an infopreneur. Why you are a content writer.

You are able to gather such resources and combine them all so that you can either provide them for free or sell them.

You become a hungry information hunter. This is what will make you succeed. You will consume as much information you can.

By doing this, you become more and more of an expert on your passionate idea.

But DO NOT just read about your niche. You must also devour other books such as motivational books. Perhaps biographical books of successful people. Or maybe books on how to succeed as an entrepreneur.

Notice a common thread? Yes, you need to motivate yourself. NO ONE else will do it, but YOU.

You have a lone, solo journey as an infopreneur. We can even call it a “solopreneur.” This brings me to…


Don’t Be Strictly A Solopreneur… Find Support!

Tell your family and friends that you are focused on becoming an infopreneur.

Tell them that it will be tough, but also tell them that you will not become a hermit.

You have to learn how to balance your personal and work life with your goals of becoming a successful content creator.

Even though writing might be a solo journey, it does not have to be that way.

For example, Amazon has a great Kindle Forum called KBoards where you can talk with like-minded individuals whose passion is writing. Here’s a link where folks are talking about non-fiction books.

Or just go to Google and type in “facebook writers of non-fiction groups” and you will find many groups who will gladly help you on your infopreneurial journey.

Again, the great thing about becoming an infopreneur — a content writer — is that you’re able to do everything in the comfort of your own home. When you start losing hope, always remind yourself that you are doing everything in your own home. The only thing that you are spending is your time. In your quest to become financially independent, you will see that being a content creator is one of the “easiest” ways to finally make that happen.

But it will take time. This leads us to…


Set Reasonable Goals And Make Sure They’re Always Visible

Why not just “goals”? What does “reasonable” have to do with it?

The thing is, every one of us has different lives. Some are married and some are single. Some have kids while some have none. Point being is that there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to setting up goals.

But goal-setting is extremely important. Without goals, you are just writing without direction.

More importantly, you need to be able to have a constant reminder of your goals. Either they’re written on a whiteboard, your refrigerator, or your bathroom. It does not matter, just as long as you can see them. Have them written on sticky notes and put them on your monitor and/or your laptop. Set up your alarm where it verbally tells you your goal of being an infopreneur. You have a multitude of ways to constantly remind yourself of your goals. This leads us to…


Being Realistic

Yes, you will have dreams of becoming a successful infopreneur, but you also need to be realistic about your goals and dreams.

Get to know yourself. Get to know your skillset. Analyze your writing skills. Are you a speedy writer or a slow one? Do you need help with grammar and punctuation or are you a walking English Grammar book?

Analyze your skillset and work with what you have.

Again, if you do find some challenges with your writing, you can be a content creator in various ways, such as vlogging on YouTube or podcasting.

We live in a different world now where even if you have challenges with your writing, there are still ways to help you. This leads us to…


Technology. It’s Your Friend.

It is not just you, the keyboard, and Word document.

You can use Grammarly if you’re not confident with your writing.

Then there is Hemingway Editor to help with your writing’s readability.

750 Words tells you to write 750 words a day and gives you points and analyze the feeling/mindset of your writing (it’s a private free-writing tool, so write away!).

And how about not 1 but 7 Best Free Headline Analyzer Tool to Get More Traffic?!

Running out of blog ideas? Check out HubSpot’s Blog Idea Generator. Seriously, that is one amazing tool!

Those are just a few helpful FREE tools to help boost your creativity juice and also help you with your writing.

And also, you can go to Fiverr or Upwork and you can find others to help proofread/edit your writing. This leads us to…


Complete Your Writing

Don’t be a victim of “analysis paralysis.”

Just write. Even though there are tools to help with your writing, there is one important component.


There is no one else like you.

Even with grammatical and spelling errors, your readers — your fans — will not care just as long as you are providing them with the information they desperately want or need.

But if you don’t finish your writing. Then there’s no point.

So finish what you’ve started.

Then move on to the next one.

To Your Infopreneurial Success…
Will Coronel

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