Top 3 Easiest Ways To Make Money Blogging

There’s a handful of ways to monetize your blog. Here are three of the easiest ways for beginner bloggers.

So you have your profitable niche. Great. How exactly do you make money from blogging?

Let me tell you the top 3 easiest ways to make money from your blog. This is perfect for beginner bloggers who want to know the easiest methods.

Here are the top three ways to monetize your blog:

#1. Create Digital Infoproducts

Creating digital infoproducts is the best way to make money from blogging. This is because you own these digital products and you can do whatever you want with them. You can sell them, give them away for free, or use them to capture email leads.

6 Types Of Digital Infoproducts


The first type of digital infoproduct is the most common one: eBooks created via PDFs or Word documents. PDFs would be ideal as most of your audience would be able to open up the file.

And you must make your ebook look professional and stand out. So you should consider using an eBook creation software such as Sqribble (it creates your ebook and cover). There is some free ebook cover creation out there like Canva and Adobe Spark but they either have limited templates or puts a watermark on the cover. Either way, they’re still free. And you need to brand your ebooks so that your target audience remembers you. And if you’re only interested in software that focuses on ebook covers and other e-covers, Pixel Studio FX 3.0 might interest you.

PDF Guides, Checklists, Infographics, or Roadmaps

The second type of infoproduct is PDF Guides, Checklists, Infographics, or Roadmaps. This is when you want to provide a guide or checklist to help your niche. This should be a lot easier to make as it’s just a point-by-point guide on how to do or succeed at something. Again, Canva and Adobe Spark are great tools to make such guides/checklists.


The third type of infoproduct is Workbooks. This is great if you want your audience to participate in your actionable instructions. This is something you can combine with your PDF document or PDF Guide.

Journals or Planners

The fourth one is called Journals or Planners. This is a different type of infoproduct as it’s a “low-content publishing” (LCP) type of ebook. It’s called LCP because there’s not much content: For example, journals, calendars, and planners are “lined notebooks.” Also, this works better as a physical book that you can sell on Amazon. This is something you cannot give away for free as you will have to sell it through Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). If you are interested in this, I highly recommend checking out BookBolt who has the software to create such LCP books as well as a powerful Keyword Research Tool to help you find profitable niches (within the LCP niche). At this point, you already have your selected profitable niche, so all you need to worry about is creating this journal or planner.

If you are interested in BookBolt for Low-Content Publishing and LCP Research, check it out here:
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The fifth one is Audio. This is perfect if you would rather record your voice. One of the best tools to record your voice is using a free tool called Audacity. And if you don’t want to use your voice, you should try some amazing A.I. voice software called Speechelo or Voice Studio FX. And if you want to do a series, you should consider doing Podcasting. Two of the best free solutions to start your own podcast are through Anchor or Spreaker.


And finally, the last one is Videos. YouTube is a great place to host your videos for free. And if you want your videos “unlisted,” you can do that as well so that your paying audience with the links are the only ones who can view them. Just like audio infoproducts, you can either record yourself or just your voice while different images/videos show up on the screen. Currently, most of my videos are using stock footage while an A.I. voice narrates my blog posts. I use this amazing software Vidnami that uses A.I. technology to read my blog posts script then intelligently selects corresponding stock video clips. This technology is truly magical.

(If you’re interested in Vidnami, you can test drive it for 14 days. And if it’s something you feel will help you with your content creation ventures, using my affiliate link gives you 25% off every month for the life of your subscription. This is a great deal as regular customers are paying $47 monthly.)

To conclude, no matter how you create your digital infoproduct, remember that as you continue to write blog content, you can repurpose or spin your content to create a bigger digital infoproduct that you can sell or give away for free.

Keep in mind that most of your blog posts are very direct and discuss very specific topics. This does not mean you are not allowed to create an epic blog post; but as you start on your blogging journey, keep it focused for now so that you don’t run out of content ideas.

The digital infoproduct you create should be able to describe the problems you are solving for your ideal target audience and niche. Focus on that as you write your digital infoproduct.

#2. Become A Product-Specific Affiliate Partner

How Affiliate Marketing Works Infographic

This is my “How Affiliate Marketing Works” infographic. Cute dogs on infographics are always fun.

This is even easier than creating your own infoproducts. As a blogger, you recommend products and services that you support and feel would benefit your niche audience.

As an infopreneur, you are an “information broker” and you have done your research and know exactly what will solve your audience’s problems.

I have shared a few recommendations above which are affiliate links. However, they’re not all affiliate links as if there are better free alternatives, then I would recommend those. And that is what you should do as well. Your audience will love you for it.

Some Affiliate Programs like ClickBank do not require any applications to most of their products. You will find out that most affiliate programs will require you to fill out an application. Some are quick and some might take some time. So shop around to see which Affiliate Programs will be right for you and your blog.

A quick strategy is to search this way:

“niche” + “affiliate”

So if your niche is about “sewing,” do a search for:

sewing affiliate

My first 2 results were these:

Top 10 Sewing Affiliate Programs

10 Sewing Affiliate Programs

To start you off, here is a list of the currently popular Affiliate Programs:




CJ Affiliate




Rakuten Linkshare


#3. Become An Associate Affiliate Partner

On Writing WellThis is different from being an Affiliate Partner because its earning potential is different from the product/service-specific affiliate programs.

Let us use Amazon Associates as an example. This is my affiliate link for the book On Writing Well: The Classic Guide To Writing Nonfiction by William Zinsser.

If you clicked on that affiliate link, then went to Amazon, but purchased a USB flash drive instead, I will still make a commission (within Amazon’s 24-hour cookie window).

Or, if you did buy that book and also bought a laptop, I will make a commission on both (again, within Amazon’s 24-hour cookie window).

The best Associate Affiliate Partners you can join are:

Amazon Associates Program

Walmart Affiliate Program

Target Affiliate Program

Best Buy Affiliate Program

So there you have it. Those are the top 3 easiest ways to make money with your blog.

As you start out, focus on your content creation as you also work on creating your own infoproducts and researching perfect affiliate programs. Take it slow and steady, and continue to post on your blog.

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