Sonority Review – Create Synthetic Human-Like Voice-Overs & A.I. Generated Stock-Free Music

As Content Creators, we are always looking for great ways to repurpose or update our blog posts and writing into a multimedia format.

And if you are searching for software that can create human-like voiceovers and unique, royalty-free music, then Sonority (affiliate link) might be what you’re looking for.

Sonority is a new cloud-based software that hits the market on June 24th, 2021. I had the opportunity of trying it out and I will go through its features and tell you if this is a great software to have in your content creation arsenal…

Key Features

Create Unlimited Human-Sounding Voice-Overs (From 15 Different Voice-Over Artists; 10 Languages; 50 Voices/Week)

American: 4 Voices
Australian: 2 Voices
British: 2 Voices
French: 1 Voice
Brazilian: 1 Voice
Spanish: 1 Voice
German: 1 Voice
Hindi: 1 Voice
Chinese: 1 Voice
Vietnamese: 1 Voice

The voices are indeed very human-sounding. You will still need to make sure to put punctuations so that the voice-over comes out properly. For example:

“Hello there how are you doing?” will be read in a continuous speech. While “Hello there, how are you doing?” will put a pause in speech.

Even though you can create an “unlimited” amount of human-sounding voice-overs, you are capped at creating 50 voices per week.

Create Unlimited Unique Music Tracks in 15 Categories

You won’t need to worry about searching for royalty-free music as Sonority will create unique background music for you after you pick a “Category,” “Style,” “Mood,” and “Time Length.”

I use a cloud software called Infinitunes Pro. Both Infinitunes Pro and Sonority are able to create unique, royalty-free music tracks.

However, one of my biggest pet peeves with Infinitunes Pro is that you have to upload the video to their servers and that’s when you’re able to attach the music to your video.

But with Sonority, you are able to download the music. Sweet.

Pick From 1000+ Ready-Made Unique Music Tracks (50 Music Tracks/Week)

Honestly, you are able to pick more than 1000+ as your creations are limitless.

Since you are not able to go back to review the history of the music you’ve created, I would advise that you download every piece of music (even if you didn’t like it). However, just know that you are capped at 50 music tracks per week.

Mix/Merge Multiple Voice-Overs & Music Tracks

For me, this is one of the biggest selling points: being able to mix and merge multiple voice-overs and music tracks.

Being able to use one software to do all these is a time saver.

Add 50+ Sound Effects

The sound effects are a good addition, but there’s not a lot to choose from. Sonority’s main attractions are voice-overs and unique music creation.

I would also like to have an option to upload my own sound effects.

Create Lengthy Voice-Overs (1000 Characters Per Voice-Over)

Once your reach the maximum of 1000 characters per voice-over, just go ahead and record a continuation of the same voice-over.

Create Lengthy Music Tracks (Up To 2 Minutes Long Unique Music)

You have the option of creating music in the following increments: 15 seconds, 45 seconds, 60 seconds, and 120 seconds. You can just copy/paste your music if it’s not long enough.

Store Your Voice-Overs & Music Tracks On The Cloud

I haven’t really seen this feature implemented, but you can store it on your computer or any of your cloud services.

Download Your Voice-Overs & Music Tracks

I’m so glad that this is a feature. Other software like Infinitunes Pro doesn’t allow you to download their music.

NO API Keys Needed Or Pay For Extra Credits! No Complex SSML Tag Editing!

There were other A.I. voice-over programs that I either just gave up on or returned because of their complicated nature. Sonority is not complicated at all.

Not Amazon Polly Or Wavenet

Most of the voice-overs in Sonority are definitely human-sounding.

Start Your Own Music Agency or Audio Agency. Profit From Making Voice-Overs & Music Tracks;

The most exciting thing about this software is that you can immediately profit from making voice-overs AND music tracks.

You can freelance on Fiverr for example and sell your voice-over services.

You can also upload/sell your unique music tracks on stock music websites like AudioJungle & Pond5. As a fun tip, whatever your niche is, you can create one of those “relaxing music for (whatever your niche is).” I plan on uploading a “Relaxing Music For Infopreneurs” on my YouTube Channel. YouTube monetizes videos that are 8 minutes and longer. Now imagine if you have this “relaxing music” that lasts for 1 hour? 2 hours? 3 hours?…

Sonority In Action

Below is the sales video for Sonority. It uses the voice-overs and music that were created from Sonority.

Prices & Upsells

  • MAIN FRONT END – Sonority Commercial:  $47

  • OTO #1  –  Sonority Unlimited: $197

    The Unlimited upgrade gives the ability to create unlimited voice-overs, unlimited music-tracks, unlimited waveform videos, unlimited audio-track mix/merges, no time-limit on music-tracks, no character limits on voice-overs, no weekly limits, ability to create international voice-overs in multiple different languages, unlimited script translation to 100s of different languages, unlimited voice-overs in different languages, unlimited audio file storage on the Sonority cloud and more.

  • OTO #2 – Sonority Professional: $67

    Sonority Professional unlocks tons of new professional features including 15 new voice-over artists, voice-styles, and accents. It also unlocks voice-over script rewriting feature, upload-n-transcription feature to repurpose others content, commercial license to new voices, faster priority voice render, early access to new voices.

  • OTO #3 – Sonority Agency: $67

    With the Sonority Agency, users will get full business features including whitelabel branding for the dashboard, a Custom done-for-you professional-looking Voice-Over & Music Business Website with custom checkout. They also get 6 Stunning & Compelling Video Commercials to promote their new agency, Team & Virtual Assistant Access, Clients Access, DFY Client Contract Templates, BusinessFinder feature, and 100+ Facebook Ad Templates. They also unlock Sonority reseller panel to create and sell 50 accounts.

  • OTO #4 – CourseReel: $67

    CourseReel lets you turn your free time into professional video courses and lets you break into the $25 BILLION e-learning industry. Creating video courses has never been this easy. All you have to do is upload your thoughts as an audio recording, text, or even as an old video and the A.I. transcribes it and converts it into fully customizable video with slides, text, images, background, and more added automatically. Use our Camtasia-style timeline based video editor to easily customize and add that WOW factor to your videos and instantly create and share your videos

  • OTO #5 – PlayerNeos: $47

    PlayerNeos is a cloud-based interactive-video creator that helps turn any ordinary video into a sales machine. Using this your customer can add buttons, menus, buy now buttons, optin forms, new custom thumbnails, logos, watermarks, and even auto-play the video on any browser. They can also find other high-traffic videos and piggyback on them with their optin/buttons added.

Sonority Demo

Here is the Sonority Demo showing how very simple it is to use.

Who Is Sonority For?

Video Marketers, Digital Marketers

Create voice-overs and unique, 100% royalty-free music for marketing videos.

Bloggers, Podcasters, And YouTubers

Repurpose blog posts into podcasts or YouTube videos. Repurpose old blog posts on social media.

Affiliate Marketers, Entrepreneurs

Convert affiliate product reviews into a podcast. Create audiobooks from existing articles or ebooks.

Side Hustlers/Freelancers

Sell your services as a voice-over artist. Sell your unique music creation to stock music sites like AudioJungle and Pond5.


I highly recommend Sonority especially if you consider yourself any of the above audience that Sonority was created for. Its ease of use is one of its greatest selling points.

Though to fully unlock Sonority’s full features, upgrading to “Sonority Unlimited” is a good investment. The price is high, but you can easily recoup your investment if you sell voice-over and music at stock music sites. Your initial $47 (or $67) investment pays for the starter edition of this software. (This is typically the selling model of such cloud software.)

A minor con is that you are not able to adjust the pitch of the voices. However, since the voices are already realistic, adjusting the pitch is not necessary.

Whatever you choose, just getting Sonority Commercial is a good opportunity to spice up your content creation and/or begin a new income stream. The voices are realistic and you don’t have to do any complex things to make them happen. Creating unique royalty-free music is also amazing. Now you wouldn’t have to hunt for royalty-free music. Just create your own!

Click on the following affiliate link below to check out Sonority as well as my time-sensitive bonuses:

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