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My name is Will.

I have been involved in internet marketing since the late ’90s.

I have ravenously consumed numerous business opportunities magazines and also ordered many money-making schemes from them.

Small Business Opportunities Magazines

Unfortunately, I failed in practically ALL of them.

ebook publishing business simplified

However, sometime in 2001, I thought that I finally cracked the code. I sold around 250 digital copies of my ebook Publishing Business Simplified.

You can see my archived online commercial here:

My Archived One-Page Sales Website From 2001

I will tell you right now what I wrote in that ebook.

This is it:

Program Your Mind To Unlock Profitable Ideas

1. Find something you’re passionate about
2. Figure out if it has potential to be profitable
3. Set up a one-page website
4. Create a free ebook as a “lead-in” so that people join your email newsletter
(my free ebook was on “Creativity”)
5. Create your profitable ebook
6. Market your ebook through your free ebook, your newsletter, and website

That’s it!

Unfortunately, after I thought that I made it big, I just stopped. I did not continue.

I had momentum that I completely wasted.

Twenty years later in 2020, I had lost my job and underwent triple bypass heart surgery.

Many people did not have a pleasant 2020. I was not an exception.

I then got “addicted” to learning more about moneymaking opportunities, just like I did back in the late ’90s.

I have researched everything on selling digital products. Most of them were free information.

And most of them were not helpful as they did not provide guided directions or were just general ideas; worse, you will have to pay to get the “good stuff.”

I have spent thousands of dollars on courses and software, promising easy riches.

Unfortunately, these “easy riches” only happened to the people I purchased the courses from!

In fairness, some were worth it. But were they really worth $997?…

So I have vowed to help others succeed in the following:

  • To successfully author and market your digital product(s)

  • To make money as an affiliate seller (digital, physical, or both)



When I was an “entrepreneur superstar” back in 2001 (okay, that was just in my head), the internet at the time was the digital “Wild West” and marketing one’s digital product was easier.

Guess what was the number one source of traffic?

Spamming people through email.

However, it is now 2021.

Internet marketing, specifically email marketing has changed; and what used to work then, will not work now.

But what hasn’t changed?


And this is where YOU come in.

Even though they might find “free” information on the internet. Not everyone is as persistent, patient, or knowledgeable enough to search for the information they want and need.

And by being an infopreneur — THEIR infopreneur — you will find out that you can easily help people, and also monetize your knowledge from these “hurting” customers.


By providing information in an EASILY DIGESTIBLE FORMAT that will make people’s lives better.

  • You will become their problem solver.
  • You will become their expert.
  • You will become their digital information broker.
  • You will author digital information via ebooks, email, blogs, videos, podcasts, courses, coaching sessions, seminars, and whatever it is that you’re comfortable in to deliver your helpful and profitable infoproducts.

I will also guide you through the often shady world of MMO (Making Money Online).

You will learn who to avoid, what to avoid, and thankfully, who to listen to.

And as I have mentioned, you can easily break your bank as you purchase every “shiny object” that’s being sold as you study on becoming an effective infopreneur.

From $5.99 to $2,499.99, they can all add up; and next thing you know, your bank account is in the negative.

Worse. You are not moving. Not advancing.

Just stuck from “analysis paralysis.”

I will show you how simple it is, just as long as you put in the effort.

Why should you listen to me?

I have two decades of knowledge on the “art and business of infopreneuring.” Even though things have changed, there are certain basic principles that have not.

However, for transparency, I am NOT a guru. I am NOT a multi-millionaire. I don’t even make thousands of dollars every month.

So why should you listen to me?

  1. There is no such thing as “easy riches.” Nothing is “automatic.”
  2. You really must work to make money online.
  3. You will see my progression.
  4. Someone starts somewhere. And that’s where I’m at (even though I have some experience on the subject).

I am here for the long haul, and I am here for you.

More importantly, I am exactly like you. We both want to stop worrying about finances and have a stress-free life.

We both want to experience financial freedom by working for ourselves.

But most importantly, I enjoy discussing being an infopreneur.

And that’s why I am here: To help you become an infopreneur.

I am not here to scam or disrespect you, nor waste your valuable time.

I am very grateful for the time you have entrusted to me, and I promise that you will receive a valuable education.

More importantly, you will not go through what I have gone through.

That’s it.

ALL of the information I will provide in this blog will be free of charge.

I will NOT hold anything back.



My primary goal is to provide all the information you will need to succeed as an infopreneur.

I will provide as much value as I can. From useful information to even surprise FREE ebooks & software! I said that I am not joking around. 😉

I will also discuss & review commercial products/services/courses that I use and recommend (or NOT recommend) as well.

They will be relevant and, more importantly, extremely useful to your infopreneurial journey.

And if you purchase any of them, I earn a commission (called “affiliate links” — you can read more about them here).

And my secondary goal is to show you a proven system to help you make money. In fact, the education you gain from this blog will help you with this proven system.

This will teach you how to make a true passive income.

This is not a “get-rich-quick” scheme. This is not a “shortcut.” This is not “MLM.” And this is not some “secret system.”

This is a complete “entrepreneur-in-a-box” where you get the following:

  • You’ll get 10 step-by-step lessons, including videos, text, progress checklists, and forums to ask for questions and support
  • You’ll get access to a welcoming community of industry experts who are more than happy to help you
  • Your own free website!
  • How to turn your passion into a profitable online business
  • And much, much more…

Wealthy Affiliate Going Up

But that secondary goal is just there once you’re ready for it. In fact, the education you will gain here will prepare you and even give you a leg up if you decide to join this amazing group of entrepreneurs.

You are here to learn more about the art and business of infopreneurship.

And that is what we will do. So, let’s get to it!


To Your Infopreneurial Success,
Will Coronel

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