141 Profitable Niche Ideas If You Can’t Think Of One

Finding a profitable niche is one of the biggest challenges. Here’s a long list to help you find your niche!

If you are banging your head trying to figure out a profitable niche to write about in your blog, worry no more as you will find 141 profitable niche ideas here.

They are divided into 3 primary sections:

  1. Love, Health, & Wealth (the top 3 popular general niches)
  2. Connections & Education
  3. Hobbies & Others

1. Love, Health, & Wealth

37 Profitable Niches - Love Health WealthLove

  • Dating
  • Divorce
  • Marriage
  • Relationships


    • Diet
      • Keto
      • Vegan

    • Exercise
      • Fitness
      • Yoga

    • Medicinal Drugs
      • CBD

  • Meditation
  • Mental Health
  • Self-Improvement
  • Specific Medical Conditions
  • Spirituality



  • Career Advice
  • Career Tips


  • Cryptocurrency
  • Financial Independence
  • Investing
  • Personal Finance
  • Real Estate
  • Retirement
  • Marketing
    • Internet Marketing
    • Offline Marketing
    • eCommerce
      • Shopify
      • Etsy


    • Couponing

    • Frugality/Budgeting

  • Minimalism

2. Connections & Education

37 Profitable Niche Ideas - Connections and Education

    • Beauty
      • Acne
      • Makeup
      • Skin Care

    • Education
      • College Education
      • Education
      • Homeschooling
      • Learn A Language
      • Web Design
      • WordPress

    •  Food
      • Baking
      • Cooking Tips
      • Beer or Wine or Liquor
      • Homebrewing
      • Recipes

    • Independence
      • Digital Nomad
      • Off-The-Grid Living
      • Tiny Homes
      • Van Living

    • Parenting
      • Parenting
      • Pregnancy

    • Pets

    • Productivity
      • Productivity Tips

    • Public Speaking

    • Self-Help
      • Positive Thinking
      • Motivation

    • Spirituality
      • Religion

    • Writing
      • Self-Publishing
      • Writing

3. Hobbies & Others

67 Profitable Niches - Hobbies and Others

    • Art
      • Drawing
      • Graphic Design
      • Photography

    • Fashion
      • Fashion
      • Personal Style

    • Gambling
      • Poker

    • Games
      • eSports
      • Video Games

    • Hobbies
      • DIY
      • Sewing & Knitting
      • Arts & Crafts

    • Home Improvement
      • Gardening
      • Home Improvement
      • Interior Design
      • Landscaping
      • Home Automation

    • Life Hacks
      • How-Tos

    • Local
      • Stuff To Do In Your Town
      • Local Business Marketing

    • Massage

    • Movies/TV
      • Movie/TV Reviews
      • Movie/TV Critiques & Analysis

    • Music
      • Learning How To Play An Instrument
      • Specific Genres (EDM, Country, Rock)

    • Popular Culture
      • Popular Actors/Actresses
      • Popular Musicians

    • Social Media

    • Sports
      • Baseball
      • Football
      • Hockey
      • Ironman or Triathlons
      • Running/Marathon
      • Weightlifting

    • Sports Hobbies
      • Boating
      • Fishing
      • Hiking

    • Survivalist/Prepper
      • EDC (Everyday Carry)

    •  Technology
      • Computer & Laptops
      • Drones
      • Standing Desks

    • Toys

    • Travel
      • AirBNB Tips
      • Living Abroad
      • Travel

    • Vehicles
      • Bicycles
      • Cars
      • Motorcycles
      • RVing

    • Weaponry
      • Guns

Once you find your niche, you must ask yourself this important question:

Will I love blogging about this niche for a long time? 10 posts from now? 50 posts from now? 100 posts from now? 1000 posts from now?

If you answered “yes,” then you’re ready to go.

However, if you are still having difficulty coming up with a profitable niche, just think about the books, magazines, and blog posts/online articles you read the most. Then search to see if there are comparable websites and blogs for your chosen niche.

Once you find these other blogs, see how they’re making money:

  1. Do they sell their own infoproduct (or a free infoproduct to gather email leads)?
  2. Do they write blog posts with affiliate links in them?
  3. Do they have banner ads or some kind of ads?

If they have 2 or all 3, then you have found potential monetization options for your similar niche blog.

But just because there are similar websites and blogs with monetization options, it does not mean that they are “profitable.” Do a little keyword search on Google Trends and check out your niche’s main term.

Here I did a comparison between “paleo” and “keto” diets. As you can see, if you have to choose from one of the two diets, you will have to choose the keto diet. For the past year, interest in the paleo diet has been consistently low, whereas the keto diet has a consistently high interest search rate on Google.

Google Trends - Paleo vs Keto Diet

Here’s another cool tool that you can try out for free in Jaaxy. To use the tool, put in the keyword you’re looking for then follow these rules:

  1. The keyword must make sense (grammatically sound)
  2. It’s receiving over 30 Avg (of searches)
  3. QSR (Quoted Search Results) is under 100 (number of competed websites ranked in Google for this exact keyword)

You can try it out below:

I typed in “keto” and organized the QSR and this is the result:

Jaaxy keyword search results for Keto

You can go to Jaaxy’s website to go to their Keyword Search Page and get FREE 30 searches!

As you can see, research and keyword search are some of the most crucial steps in starting your profitable niche blog. This is something you need to utilize with your regular research.

The keywords that show up in Jaaxy provide ideas as well for a blog post title and even a domain name!

I went to check the domain name “followketogenicdiet.com” and it’s available:

followketogenicdiet website domain

So as an example, when you have decided that you will blog about keto, you could use that domain name while posting about this diet niche.

To conclude, spend some time figuring out your profitable niche. Utilize as much research and keyword searches as you are able to do.

Good luck with your profitable niche hunting!

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